Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Words_Raystown, Robbestown

I have to wonder what the locals of Raystown thought when they slid into their Ford trucks last Saturday morning, backed down their gravel driveway, and hit the gas to see, not the normal cluster of cows in the next yard or a neighbor passing by on a tractor, but a small Asian girl jogging down Shady Maple Road. I envisioned all the early morning cigs propped loosely on the pout of every mouth passing by dropping one by one into an unprotected lap, leaving a permanent coin-sized sear of black on whatever lay below. The truth is, I did go for a run on Saturday morning but no cigs that I knew of fell into any unsuspecting laps. I was chased by a small black dog who barked at me for about 20, 25 paces. I made the whole 2.6 miles (hills and all) without stopping (to kick the dog).

As I mentioned in my last post, I went on a mini vacay with Robbe and his family who stay at a huge cabin in Raystown, PA (Bitter Goose Lodge to be exact) with 6 bedrooms, a huge backyard, deck, a small pond, and access to a shared pool. There was hiking, s'mores, a bonfire, horseshoes, ghost stories, croquet, Rummy, FNL (yes), ribs, homemade pies, harmonica-playing, carp feeding, mini-golf (I suck), ice cream, fields of flowers, produce stands (aka human trafficking/death sentences), no phone service, hula hooping, crawdads, and Phineas and Ferb.

The highlight of the trip was probably the song Robbe and I wrote together about Raystown, which of course can only be sung with the accompaniment of a guitar (preferably banjo and some spoons). I'm not sure when we'll copyright it and get it out there for the masses to enjoy but while it's in production, here is a verse and chorus:

Verse 1
Took a week off of work
Had to cuz my boss is a jerk
Packed up my fishing gear
And two cases of beer
Started up my 4-wheel dodge
Headed down to Bitter Goose Lodge
Getting out of Central PA
Maybe I'll be back (No way!)

Going on vacation
Headed down to Raystown
Gonna hang out with my friends there
Til' the sun goes down (2x)

Note: the 3rd time the chorus is sung, it's a capella with the assistance of clapping in the background. 

So, boyfriend's family vacay? Successful. Song? Genius. Raystown? Maybe I'll be back (Yes way!).

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