Thursday, December 23, 2010

Words & Photos_Blessed Are the Poor

Back in the fall, Raych Arles had the pleasure of meeting one of her idols: writer, comedienne, actress, and author of newly released book "Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People," a book that goes beyond the frugality of craft making and into some disturbingly bizarre yet hilarious approaches to life, love, and fornicrafting. She and Asher were one of the first fifty people in the meet and greet line post-Amy Sedaris Q&A in D.C. I had advised Rachel to come bearing one of her wedding invitations for Amy to keep (and rsvp YES to and perhaps be her impromptu maid of honor) but instead I believe they ended up trading some humorous conversation and this picture, which is a fair trade-off I suppose:

The other day, Rachel stopped by to drop off my Christmas present. And what do you know? It was Amy Sedaris's book! Robbe and I had just flipped through it recently and were blown away as each craft we read was more ridiculous than the one before (see Crafty Candle Salad and Doodie Dungeon). 

In the book, Rachel had placed a post it note, highlighting a specific page so I opened up to it and started to read her message she had penned out loud. 

I didn't even get to say "Amy Sedaris". I instead, dropped the book, flung myself into the floor of my closet, and pawed/threw all of my shoes like a cat while squealing like a 13-year-old girl who just found out she didn't have to wear braces anymore. It was such an amazing surprise and I could not believe Rachel had kept this gift for so long without telling me. 

Rachel said the book signing went something like this:

R: "Could you sign this book for my friend?"
A: "Sure, what's her name?"
R: "Kimi."
A: "What's something about Kimi?"
R: "Um, she's Korean."
A: "Okay." And without missing a beat, she wrote what you see above like she had known all along exactly what she would write to someone if she knew that they were Korean. Genius.

Rachel and Asher, I love you and am still floored at your impressive style of secrecy and generosity; Amy Sedaris, I salute you and your incredibly special slant on crafting that would put any Korean to shame. Happy fornicrafting, everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Words & Photos_Ba-ba-ba-ba-Bridesmaids!

In the beginning stages of wedding planning, any wedding planner or wedding planning guide will tell you the most important things to pin down at the start are: the venue, the budget, and the caterer. A logical progression, of course. So, it only made sense that I took a slight detour on this agenda and decided to start with what I thought was an important question: How am I going to tell my bridesmaids they're in my wedding?

It seemed too easy for me to just call up my bridesmaids and deliver the news. I wanted to give them something that was personal to each of them and something they could keep that was more fun than valuable. So, I decided to dig into the past and resurrect those personalized bracelets I (we?) used to wear as a kid.

This is the magic that ensued for my seven bridesmaids: Mandy, Shleigh, Misie, Stephmon, Katie, Raych Arles & Lars

Every bracelet was hand delivered in the same jewelry box (yes, I asked for it back after I gave it to them) except for Ashleigh who opened hers in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was so precious to see/hear their expressions of confusion then understanding then surprise then happiness. I highly suggest any bride-to-be to create their own element of bridesmaid surprise.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Photos_Ho Ho Ho!

I met the real Mr. Santa Claus at Logan airport in Boston, MA.

Mandy couldn't stop talking about Santa's inappropriate hand placement and disturbing facial expression which ruined my whole Mr. Claus experience. I suppose it was weird looking back on it. I had approached him and asked: " I sit down...?" and he patted his leg and said--probably too zealously--"Of course!" And right when I sat down, wouldn't you know, the "battery died on the camera" which meant me and Mr. Claus had to small talk it for a whole two minutes. (He apparently had to work 9 hour shifts for 12 days with no stand in, or sit in. Whatever.) So, after smiling for three pictures (yes three) and being forced to say three different phrases (like jolly holly merry christmas sugar candy bows and ribbons!), I finally jumped off of Santa's lap, grabbed my free photo, and ran far far away. Which explains this reconstruction:

Ahhhh. Much better. And they all lived happily ever after.

Photos_Audrey & Justin

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