Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photos_Raystown, PA

Scene I: Leaves of grass 

Boy in the field


Counting Flowers

Scene II: Generations


 The Redds + 1

3 going on 16


misie said...

adorable. hope it was a memorable trip! :-)

why am i commenting on my vacay - let me share with you - i had a terrible night's sleep due to too many [and by too many, i mean ONE] amazing margaritas; waking up to mick snapping his fingers as something - "what are you doing?!" ... "there's an animal in our villa - it looks like a raccoon - he's eating something - he's huge!!" ... he ran off with our coffee/cream/sugar. bastard; i also spent the morning sweeping bat poop off our bathroom sink.
don't let this small paragraph confuse you - we're having an amazing time!!!!

Kimi said...

Hhahahah! Oh man, can't wait to hear about your trip :)