Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Words_From the Heart of a Hillbilly

There are some changes going on around these parts. I got me a new banner. I made me some fancy picture pages. And by fancy, I mean I used the microwave looking screen and punched some funny buttons and vwa-hool-a, I got me some new boxy thangs that say a buncha stuff bout yours teee-ruly. What I can't seem to figure out is how to make all them letters on the daggum page the same kinda style, or as some of them tie wearing people be saying: fonda or fonta or maybe it's just font. I really don't know. Font sounds like the cousin of a baby deer. Perhaps it's the three cans a me-moonshine I drank or maybe it's cuz I fell asleep next to a goat for two hours, but I can't seem to figure out what I thought was a simple push this here button or push here that button. So if any of yous readers out there who know what I'm talking bout, it would be mighty helpful to help out your ol' pal Kimi. I'll even repay ya with some quality, homemade, heart-stoppin moonshine that I make me-self when there ain't no more trees I need be choppin or corn I be huskin' or banjo I be pluckin. And I pluck a mean banjo. Believe me, I'm trying to take some words to heart that my ball n chain be saying to me one day about making my moving picture pages a bit more fancy. "Add some pictures here" he say and "make this colored here" and Lord save me from strangling him that crazy buffoon. So ya'll need to help me keep on it and stay ahead of his ramblings so he can stop telling me what to be doing. I'm holding ya'll to it. Bahbye now.

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