Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos_Walk/5K Run for Life Recap

On Saturday, over 400 people participated in the Bowie, Crofton & Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic's Walk/5K Run For Life. The day was unbelievably gorgeous. I kind of look like a man in the photo below but at least I look like a determined man (p.s. thanks to Lt. Dan--who is actually a man--for this photo-op). Seriously though, I am truly, truly touched by everyone who supported me and the pregnancy clinic. I know we're all in various financial spots so I was overwhelmed with people's generosity to say the least. Relaying this to Robbe, he gave me some good advice: "Just don't do this again for a long time."

Yes, I actually yelled this out while crossing the finish line. Just kidding, but I should have.

My fellow running amigos: Lizi, Jessi, Erin and Misie.

 This is what happens when you give your dad your camera.

 Front of shirt; slogan by Amanda Eden

Thank You

All my sponsors who didn't make it on my t-shirt made it onto my wrist

Advertising our coconut water sponsors

Monday, September 13, 2010

Photos_Family Fairbanks

Some of my favorite shots of Sara and her precious family.
So many more to come!

Kimi Shoots People Photography
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Photos_Lucy vs. Snoopy

I got this in the mail the other day from the Roberto "Eugene" Redd. 
I suppose you should know that:
1. I love Peanuts (I'm turning into your best friend's mom who has the entire Peanuts collection for every season, occasion, and non-occasion. I'm not ashamed...yet. Yet.)
2. I liken myself to Snoopy
3. I like to dance (I'm currently learning the Beyonce's Single Ladies dance. This probably won't be completed until I'm 35. Maybe 37. Ah, 40. 50. 60? I'm gonna die trying.)
4. I l-o-v-e-d this cartoon. I love Snoopy's expressions and reactions. SO funny. And I love Eugene for sending it.
5. If you're wondering why Robbe's new name is "Eugene," take a listen to my new favorite podcast: "Hypothetically Speaking," Episode #1. But you should probably listen to Episode #8 first and then Episode #1. Because it's funnier. And they talk about Alf. Enough said.