Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Words & Photos_A Heart of Rold Gold

Last night I inadvertently created a heart shape out of my thin Rold Gold's pretzel snack. (Dream big, Kimi.) Upon this revelation, I decided to put it aside, which Ray interpreted as "you're gonna take a picture of it and post it on Twitter or something, aren't you?" Do you really think I am that predictable Ray? I mean, really. So I decided to post it here on Blogger instead. (In your face!) Now, I have to be honest. Last night, when I retrieved my heart-shaped pretzel snack for its first photo shoot, it broke. My heart that is, but also the actual pretzel. I achingly relayed this to Ray who reassured me that God has bigger and better pretzels out there for me. He was right. When I checked my she-mail this evening, I found a pretzel heart waiting for me in a message from Ray. This pretzel heart is the one you're viewing above. Yes, it's much different than my other pretzel, but that doesn't mean I care about it any less. So, cheers to Ray and to my new pretzel heart. This one is for sure unbreakable.

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