Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photos_I'm a Delighted Person and I'm Raising My Hand

It's not everyday that someone takes time to honor a special someone; to recognize their talent, their contributions to society, their unique mark branded in our collection of memories.

I thought I paid sufficient respect to the infamous Sufjan Stevens when I photoshopped my face in place of his "wife" in his Christmas album artwork, or when I dressed as a Hooper Hero for Halloween 2009, or when I referred to myself as Mrs. Sufjan Stevens when I introduced myself at dinner parties. But this, my friends, puts all my efforts to shame. Behold the wondrous Amy Jones and her friends who put together a lovely dinner party honoring the King of all things Indie: Suf and his jan. Feast your eyes on this (pun intended):

 Larger version of menu items

This kind of devotion inspired me to do this... something I should have planned to do a long time ago:

Cheers to Amy Jones and her genius, most dedicated friends.
And to Sufjan, see you on November 9.

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