Thursday, December 29, 2011


Aye, 2012 be around thee corner. (Pirate talk intros... are they ever cool?)

Back in the olden days, my dear friend Ashleigh and I would rendezvous at Barnes and Noble (there's no "s" on "Noble" people) days before the new year and write out our wishful resolutions on tiny pieces of paper. That piece of paper would get folded neatly in my wallet and sadly become long forgotten until I emptied my purse looking for a Starbucks gift card with .80 cents left on it.

In the last few years, I've resorted to blogging about my hopes for the pending year but haven't held myself to anything terribly specific. Today, as I was thinking about all the millions of things I have to do, I built myself a tidy list of fairly actionable goals/thoughts to look forward to as 2012 lingers around the corner.

Here is what I jotted down:

  • Financial Peace University - Dave Ramsey is a financial consultant, author and well known radio personality. He experienced bankruptcy and financial debt at a young age due to the mishandling of his money but rebuilt his business and life to enormous success based on a rigid financial plan. Robbe and I are planning to go through the program next month which is taught at various churches across the country to learn how to manage and save money and kick the debt in our lives, especially as we're about to join forces. You can learn more about the 13-week course here.
  • Wedding-a-Week Countdown - There are 22 weeks left before I get married and there is still a lot to be done. I'm hoping that I'm able to commit myself to nailing down the remaining details, delegated in detail within those 22 weeks, so that when June 2 comes, I'm not bald and look like an aged turtle from stress. 
  • The Urge to Purge - I love getting rid of stuff. The fewer things I have, the better! I've lived at my current place for almost three years and for those almost three years, my stuff has been accumulating in our garage. I'm hoping to karate chop it or move it with me but the thought of going through everything is a little daunting. Target date: Spring when it's warmer to sift through everything.
  • Question a Day Book - My friend Mandy gave me a book for my 30th birthday where you answer a different question everyday. It chronicles your answers for five years so you answer the same question that you did the year before on that particular day. The book is around $17 or you can download the app as well. More info here.
  • To babysit or not to babysit, that is the question- I have six nieces and nephews and I always have a blast with them when I babysit. Usually our time spent together consists of dance parties, lots of hide-and-go-seek, charades, and watching TV. I'd like to make my time more meaningful with them like teaching them a craft or even, dare I say it, something educational--but fun! Of course. I know this runs this risk of toppling my "cool" status but in the end, I know it'd be worth it. Now I just need to figure out how to make uncool stuff cool. Hm...
  • Shut Up! Time - Our culture is so incredibly noisy. I don't know how to be still anymore. Even being still is distracting sometimes. I'd like to attempt to be alone, perhaps read a book or a magazine or the newspaper or just be completely quiet without feeling guilty or thinking I'm being wasteful with my time. 
My turn is up. You?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, 2011, it's been quite a year. You delivered:

  • an earthquake
  • a hurricane
  • the season finale of FNL
  • one of my best friend's weddings
  • a 30th birthdaycation (during said earthquake and hurricane)
  • the O's ousting the Red Sox from the playoffs
  • an always memorable trip to NYC
  • Bon Iver, Jay-Z and Kanye in concerto
  • the Ravens beating the Steelers not once but twice
  • me nearly losing my mind at work
  • the amazing Breaking Bad series
This time last year I was location-shopping for wedding venues. Presently, I've nailed down the who, what, where, and why but still need to make decisions about: wear, how, and how, wear. 

The concept of marriage is still sinking in. I'm not sure how long it takes to really settle into your psyche but I can only imagine it's in a moment of realistic disenchantment when you realize that the person you love farts unintentionally on you while sleeping (and vice versa) or snores so loudly it deprives you of sleep (purely hypothetical, I promise I'm not implicating Robbe). And the unintentional (or maybe intentional) farting and snoring is well, forever. Forrreverrrrrrrrrr (source: Sandlot). It's a daunting feeling when I really think about marriage as an isolated concept without the emotional attachment of a spouse. It changes every single thing about your life and you have to learn to function as a unit instead of independently whether you like it or not. Sure you can still be independent, but for the most part, you are half of a greater whole. It's an amazing responsibility and I'm not sure people realize what a deep commitment it is to say to someone, no matter what happens, I'm still going to stand by you and love you even after the honeymoon phase is over and we're poor and tired and fat and balding and the cute jokes that once worked don't work anymore. And then throw kids into the picture? Commitment just got real. I'm not trying to depress the idea of marriage. Again, the idea of marriage void of Robbe is overwhelming to me. But the idea of marriage with Robbe is exciting and humbling; a little overwhelming but manageable because I have my best friend and love at my side. 

Halfway into 2012, I'll become Mrs. Reddinger. I think I've had a pretty good run as Kimi Raspa. I've done mostly average things but not short of a few exciting things sprinkled here and there. I think one of the things I've cherished in all of this time is the friendships I've made and the depth they've yielded throughout the last 10-15 years. I look forward to all the friendships Robbe and I will forge together in the next few months of life, mixing old with the new. 

Happy early 2012 and Auld Lang Syne.