Friday, March 25, 2011

Words_I'm Back, Well, Like 93% Back

This week, as many of you know, was my much-anticipated, bright and sparkling bundle of spring break baby!ness. I had visions of closing my eyes and tossing a handful of clothes into my weekend bag, hopping into my 2003 Nissan (my eyes are open by now), and careening down the highway blaring "Danger Zone" through the sunroof.

Destination: who cares?

Expectations: 80-degree sunshine; a few minor bar brawls; highway hot dog stands; return with "Margarita" as my middle name

Unfortunately, none of these visions took place. I instead caught a case of the stomach flu early Monday morning and became ball and chain to my dear friend (?) Mr. Toilet for a good couple of days.

We know each other verrrrry well now.

I got a bit overconfident about my improving health around day 2/3 and decided to reward my finally(!) hungry stomach with a soothing, non-threatening meal to lull my insides back into normalcy. Who am I kidding, I got fast food. Yes, I know. A five-year-old would know not to do this. But it's obvious my sickness was more than just physical (cuckoo). I destroyed any signs of my renewing health and set myself back an extra day and a half. Well, hello again, Mr. Toilet...

Yesterday, I stuck to a strict diet of toast, rice, Gatorade, and ginger ale. Yes, even at a good-bye happy hour for a co-worker, I refused to cave, even as they ate the most delicious-looking, piping hot, macaroni and cheese, laughing as strings of it hung over their greasy lips. I fiercely sucked down 3 more ginger ales and proudly ate the inside of a warm sourdough roll. I think their laughs echoed in my dreams last night.

Today, I am at my best thus far. I'm already fantasizing about my comeback meal. I'm also still wondering if any of my spring break dreams are still possible. It is still Friday, which is still technically spring break. And "Kimi Margarita" does have a nice ring to it...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photos_A Saturday to Remember

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I receive a week-long spring break vacation. It's a small slice of pre-summer heaven. In commencement of my first full official day of vacation, I did what any normal person would do. I made the day count. Big time. I put together a select group of photos below that I feel best depicts my day. Name that theme...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words_Homonym Hoedown

Someone find me a word that has more meanings than the word "hit."
Granted, some of these stem from cultural slang, but it is impressive, no?

"He hit one over the fence!" (Baseball)

"He hit me in the face!" (Assault)

"Hit me!" (Black Jack)

"Her song is a hit!" (Success)

"Lemme get a hit." (Drugs)

"Here's my hit list." (Assassination)

"Hit me up!" (Contact me)

"I want to hit that." (Sex)

"Hit it!" (Start the music)

"Let's hit up that spot." (I want to go to there.)

"Hit-ler." (Oh wait..)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video_Today's YouTube Spiral

We all know you can't just watch one YouTube video. It's like quoting The Wedding Singer. One leads to another and another and before you know it, it's a contagious rabbit trail of one trying to trump the other.

Thanks to The Hairpin, I came across this video below which I thought was wow-Mom-hilarious. Not hilarious because I loved her tips to Asians on library etiquette or because her Asian impression was so realistic that I could close my eyes and believe I was in China, but because this girl, who is so passionate about her ignorant convictions, thought the logical thing to do was to post a video of her delivering those convictions on the world wide web accessible to anyone and everyone...forever. I can't tell you how much I love her thought process.

To me, this is actually worse than leaking a sex tape because at least with a sex tape, it's mostly your pride on the line. You're mortified. It passes. It's archived. It dies down eventually. With a video posted like this one, you can say bye-bye to your pride, any shred of respect you had to begin with, any Asian-anything, the list goes on. This girl has crowned herself the UCLA queen of ignorance and the worst part is that it's at a university which is an unfortunate place to mess up. Young people are so fierce in how they communicate online these days and something like this can set. It. Off. Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me if she's dropped out of school, moved to Nebraska, or changed her least for the rest of the semester.

After viewing, I then watched Rabbit trail #2 which led to Rabbit trail #3.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photos_Weekend Match Up Wrap Up

Match the left column of people and things to the right column of my weekend events correctly and win a prize of respect and admiration! Answers are below but not upside down. Good luck!

And the answers are...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photos_The Scottish Invasion

Scottish band Trashcan Sinatras gave my brother the night of his life last night by playing a private house show in his living room for about 50 people. They ate his jambalaya, were incredibly polite and charming, and gave meaningful song dedications to their audience (although some weren't there for their dedication). 

In post-celebratory fashion, Robbe and I have been talking in a Scottish accent all day. And by Scottish accent I mean I end up sounding like Scrooge McDuck from Mickey's Christmas Carol. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Words_Yes, I Know...

A late eighties video game just threw up on my site. I think I'll let it sit for a little while until I can't stand to look at it anymore.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Words_Now Lent It Out

It's the season of changes, my friends. This person's moving, that person's having a baby, she's leaving her job, we're hiring him and her, they're getting older, he's having surgery, she's going crazy, we're growing apart, you're growing closer... so many things are happening at once and in the midst of it all, sometimes I feel I'm at this perpetual standstill. My view of myself and where I'm going and what I'm doing and the decisions I have to or will have to make can be so overwhelming in the "big picture" but then so incredibly small and meaningless. Both perspectives leave me paralyzed and confined to my daily grind. If there are changes, they are slight. If there are opportunities, I tend to over-analyze; sit too long; waste time, as usual. I would like to order some balance, please. With a side of healthy assertiveness and motivation--no--active motivation! I would like to have an idea, act on that idea, struggle through the idea, and follow through with the idea. The final product doesn't have to be pretty (yes it does) or mind-numbingly original (yes, please) but something that I can hang my hat on, put on my mom's fridge, whisper about it at night to my Care bear.

I feel like everyone's racing by me at warp speed and it's all I can do to keep up. I have so many valuable resources around me but I don't use them. Why. Because I'm stubborn and love to do things my own way at my own pace and in my own timing. I can only get so far with this strategy. And it's not even a strategy. It's my "default" setting. It's time I find another setting.

So, in this time of lent, I'm not giving anything up. But I'd like to shift my focus from so much of me me me to preparing for Easter. For forty days, Jesus prayed relentlessly to his Father before his death. I can hardly pray one out of forty days. But I hope to push aside my agenda and delve into the unknowns of this great sacrifice that I'll celebrate in April but should really be celebrating all the time.