Monday, March 22, 2010

Words_What I learned from Women's Retreat 2010

1. More than 5 women in a room always leads to crying.

2. My life and my problems are significantly small and I have much to be thankful for.

3. There are so many great older women who are not only wonderful people but also valuable resources for guidance and friendship.

4. I never thought I would stay up past midnight stamping and making cards, but I did, thanks to Stephanie's convincing argument: "you should make one."

5. Going on retreats is kind of like going back to high school. You have to worry about who you're going to sit with at dinner and who you'll hang out with for free time. It's stupid but true.

6. I love how the older ladies out-partied me and stayed up until who knows when on a Saturday night.

7. I love how there was a simultaneous DAR Convention (daughters of the American Revolution) going on at the hotel we stayed at which means everywhere I went, there was someone in a 17th century period costume looking very serious and decorated.

8. Guess who was at the retreat? The woman who sat next to me in church and scratched off a stack of lottery tickets (see previous blog).

9. Honestly, I wish the retreat would have been a day or two longer. I felt like I was just getting comfortable and connecting with people so it was sad to have it end so soon. (Words I never thought I'd say)

10. The 70 degree weather the whole time didn't hurt either. :-)

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misie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

p.s. read your twitter - i love to build a home too. they played it on a grey's episode i think like 4 years ago and i've loved it ever since.