Sunday, March 7, 2010

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One Fish,
Two Fish
Recently, Robbey and I ventured to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I recommend that everyone who has a heartbeat to do this stat. So much beauty in such funny looking creatures. A teaser to the right, but you can see the full extent of our adventures here.

Commence Swooning
On Friday, Misie, the Raych Arles, and I were privileged to see the talented, the humble, the adorable Sondre Lerche. Here's proof. And thanks to Misie for winning tickets to the historical afternoon show. More proof below:

Sondre Lerche "Airport Taxi Reception" snippet

One Month...
Until I see the Roberto again. If you're in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, you could see him before I do (I hate you). Check out his tour sched here.

Show me the Shows
On the calendar
David Bazan 3/21 @ Ottobar, Baltimore
The Temper Trap and Florence and the Machine 4/6 @ 930 Club

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