Friday, March 26, 2010

Words_Spring Break 2010

My beloved SpringBreak2010 is coming to a close. One of these days I will actually go on that St. Thomas cruise I pine over every week in my weekly TravelZoo e-mail but for now with the few pennies I can rub together, I instead plant myself in the company of dear friends, priceless laughs, and anything that will warrant the phrase "best story ever."

Wednesday night, Ashleigh and I accompanied some of her friends to a Sister Hazel concert in Raleigh. (Band that sings: "It's hard to say what it is I say to you or that which I can't say to you; it's always you, it might be you, to go to you, it's hard for youuuuu.")

We grabbed a pretty sweet view from the balcony which included stools for each of us. Later we realized we had wandered into the VIP section (so that's what that velvet rope was for...) and instead of kicking us out, they simply moved the rope from behind us to in front of us. Clever security.

Halfway through the show I started to hear an unreasonable amount of rustling behind me. I casually looked behind me and did a double take to see the guy who was standing behind us earlier now stuck in the trashcan, arms flailing like he's learning to swim for the first time, and his long legs draped over completely helpless. Being the good citizen I am, I did not get up to offer assistance. I instead leaned over to Ashleigh's friend Linsy who was sitting next to me and said, "Oh my gosh, there's a guy stuck in the trashcan behind you." Cue hysterical laughter--so much so that I soon found my head resting on poor Linsy's shoulder after knowing her for an hour and a half. I think she was okay with it.

The poor guy FINALLY managed to get himself out of that hole (literally and figuratively) after a good 30-second struggle, grabbed his beer, and did the smartest thing a guy could do. He left. And never returned. Seriously, one of the best things I've ever seen at a show.

Some other memorable SB2010 moments:

Ashleigh and I learned that Derek Webb wrote a song that includes a word that "rhymes with 'sit'" as noted by a Christian music critic. He also warned readers that the word "d**m" was used. I didn't know "d**m" was spelled this way.

Enjoyed a free $40 meal at The Busy Bee Cafe thanks to the kindness (and lust) of a stranger. Ashleigh suggested I should have made out with the guy as a token of appreciation. Her words of assurance: "Robbe won't mind," to which I responded: "Well knowing how Robbe is about doing anything for free food, if he was here, I'm pretty sure he would offer to make out with the guy."

Drove through Duke University and pointed out all the intelligent people on campus which sounded like this: "Look at that smart person walking across the street." "Look at those smart people walking from the gym." We SO could have gone to Duke.

* these lyrics may not be accurate; this is how I hear the song in my head. Read real lyrics (they're almost the same)

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