Friday, September 23, 2011

Words_Fall Week

This week:

I've been officially Google Voiced (saved $18 on my plan so far).

Over dinner, Robbey asked me: "When do I start referring to you as a 'woman'?"

I watched Up All Night with Christine Applegate and Will Arnett and loved it! How do I get them to be my best friends?

I poured through some old blog entries from Xanga and hold everyone who read and encouraged my "humorous writing" entirely responsible for all my shameful, unfunny, ridiculous ghettospeak nonsense. I better not look back on these Blogger posts and retreat into a humiliating hole in the ground either, folks.

So grateful for the weekend and a Saturday to sleep in.

Happy Fall, ya'll.


Food & The Fury said...

Aww, I heart you--oddly, I just looked at some of my xanga stuff, too. I think I'm gonna take the entire site literally, bye bye shanga...

Peyton Roberts said...

I just realized it had been forever since I checked your blog... now I realize why. Where did you go?? We miss you! And by we I mean me and Nick... you're one of his favorites too on my blogroll :)

Kimi said...

so sweet, thanks Peyton! :)