Sunday, April 3, 2011

Words & Photos_Where have all the ligres gone?

Top Moments of Washington D.C. National Zoo 2011

1. Well, this face of course. Robbe's. Not the panda's.

2. Robbe overhearing a little boy asking his Mom: "Where are the armadildos?"

3. Free admission and free parking on the street on Sundays.

4. The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

5. The Peacock Mantis Shrimp googly eyes

6. I was at the zoo but kept taking pictures of the blooming trees and all the wonderful signs of spring.

7. Robbe tried to speak parsel tongue to this one but he wasn't interested.

8. This one seemed a bit stressed out as he was continuously pacing back and forth. I thought maybe his wife was in labor or something. I'm sure that was it.

9. Seeing people take pictures of the exhibit of cockroaches. Wow.

10. Eating a delicious burger at Nanny O'Brien's post-zoo and taking this one home.

Unfortunately, there were no elephants or pandas or ligres to be found.
If you're not Zoo-ed out yet, the rest of the photos can be found here. Enjoy!


Sepia Toned Vignettes said...

Parsel tongue is hard to pickup at first. It is like driving stick, at first it sucks, and then it becomes like second nature. Plus snakes are finicky.

Kimi said...

You are so wise. I'll have to bring you with me next time I venture to the zoo. :)