Sunday, October 31, 2010

Words_The End of Rocktober

It's the last day of October 2010 (seriously, how did that happen) and I'm shamefully dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie sitting in the crack of my couch drinking the last of my $10 sangria bottle from my burpday. This is what I chose to do over decorating myself from head to toe in some humorously thoughtful alter-egoish Halloween outfit while carousing with other humorously-decorated friends eating ridiculous amounts of candy, being endlessly entertained, and serving up one priceless Kodak moment after another. Your feelings of jealousy right now are completely normal.

Although my participation in Halloween 2010 has been absolutely pathetic, I found some other relevant outlets that I'll leave up to you to 'yay' or 'nay' as acceptable alternatives.
  • This past Saturday, Robbe and I specifically walked through the Harrisburg Mall for their annual "Zombie Walk" which, according to reputable sources (Robbe), has attracted up to 300 zombie-fied participants in recent past. The idea is exactly what it sounds like. Patrons arrive at the mall in their best zombie-esque transformation and walk--or should I say painfully limp--around the mall, mouths agape, sometimes a throaty moan here and there, offering a PG-13 terror for anyone who happens upon them. It was a bit humorous to see some participants, completely bloodied and damaged looking, standing and talking normally, waiting in line for an Auntie Ann's pretzel. I suppose even zombies have the right to veer from their human flesh diet for a cinnamon soft pretzel, am I right?
  • Friday night, in lieu of any legitimately cool Halloween festivities, Robbey and I opted for watching a scary movie with our friends Andy and Bep. The movie? Shutter Island starring Leo DiCap; directed by Martin Scorsese. I knew from the moment I saw the preview (which was months ago) that I was Never. Ever. Going to watch it. I really don't enjoy any kind of creepy, graphic horror film but for some reason I think my conscience felt a penance was due for my Halloween 2010 fail. So, on Friday, that debt was paid in full. It didn't help that Andy, who had already seen the movie, compounded my fears saying "I told Bep not to watch it; it's seriously one of the scariest movies. It's pretty bad." Hey, thanks Andy. So needless to say, I sat squirming for over two hours, downing as much wine as I could to numb any graphic details that could possibly cling to my conscience to haunt me later. After it was all over, the fear, the stress, the blurry vision from squinting so much; I realized, Andy was completely wrong. It was hardly the scariest move ever; sure there were some squinty-eyed, peek through the finger moments, but as a whole, it was a really great, intriguing movie; more of a thriller than a horror film. And I could have really enjoyed it if I wasn't so freaked out to begin with. So, for those who have not seen it yet and you don't mind being spooked a bit, definitely give it a chance. Leo is great in it as well as Mark Ruffalo.
  • I finally finished reading the Harry Potter series this month, which I thought was appropriate timing right before Halloween and the debut of the last movie. My respect and admiration for J.K. Rowling is off the charts. Anyone who refuses Harry Potter without even attempting to read it first, well, I can only assume you have no taste for imagination. The world she creates is truly fantastic and to delve further and further into the character's worlds and adventures from book to book has been awesome. I just wish my memory wasn't so terrible as all the books sort of blur together and I'm unable to distinguish if something in a movie really happened in the book. The countdown for November 19 begins tomorrow...
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, Robbe and I talked about dressing up as Harry Potter and Cho Chang this year, which would have really been perfect with the new movie coming out (is anyone still reading this?) but alas, it was all talk and no walk so does the saying "It's the thought that counts" count here still?
  • I love looking at everyone's Halloween costumes, particularly on Facebook or Twitter. My favorites I've seen so far have been: my married friends dressed up as Brett & Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, a girl dressed up as sushi, Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh as Lumiere and Babette from Beauty & the Beast, candy dots on paper, and a friend's husband dressed as Russell Brand.
Thus ends my Halloween alternative outlets for 2010. I guess I'll start planning Halloween 2011 now so I won't look lame next year, but I must admit, these sweatpants are pretty darn comfortable.

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