Thursday, July 22, 2010

Words_Fred's Got Slacks

I was thinking about the weekend ahead and started singing "weekend" like SNL alumnus Will Ferrell does in his genius ditty "Fred's Got Slacks." If you missed it for some reason because you hate awesomeness, you can relive it here.

Seriously though, I'm excited for the busy weekend ahead which includes the following:
  • Baby shower (excuse to go to happy hour)
  • Birthday party (excuse to go to a bar)
  • Cookout (excuse to eat crabs)
  • Bowling (excuse to, well, go bowling)
But seriously folks, there's nothing better than a weekend with dear friends (and lovers), yummy food, and an All-American past time (bowling).

I'm also excited about some upcoming projects my friends and I are taking on in the next few months. El creative juices are flowing and it feels good to be a part of something that generates and supports a continuum of artistic perspectives. Honestly, it's just plain fun. And we honestly haven't even started yet except for an informal exchange of ideas. But what's freeing about it is we're not trying to make money (yet); we're stepping up to do what we are craving to do while sitting at our day-job desks. That kind of suppressed energy when released into the wild is uncontainable. It's crazy. It's eccentric. It's contagious. It's got serious momentum. So, I hope and pray that we have some serious fun sorting through the pictures in our heads and translating them into life and colors and faces and hearts. And when it's not fun anymore, I hope we stop.  

So, here's to the weekend and to the future of fun and everything in store for you and me and us.

Cheers, friends.

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Diane. said...

i am excited for your new creative projects! will they ever be shared with the world?