Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Words_Dear Blogger, Stop Sucking

One of my friends wasn't allowed to say "hate" growing up and instead was trained to say "hake." I'm adopting this principle for this post only in hopes that it acts as a sort of buffer for my usability annoyances I've found with Blogger. Usability specialists, why you have not improved the following grievances, I'll never know.

1. The "Dashboard" link should be showing at all times. When I view my blog, I understand that I'm viewing it as a user would view it (public-ish view), but the reality is, is that I'm still in my personal Blogger account which means I should be able to have instant access to my Dashboard which is cumbersome to get to.
Annoying level: 9

2. When I insert a photo, I'm unable to just select enter to go down to the next line. Blogger automatically assumes every freaking time that this photo is a link. When has this ever been the norm. So I then have to make sure the link icon is unselected and then deal with spacing issues and such (because if I press enter, the cursor remains in its place until I actually type something which is when it'll appear on the next line).
Annoying level: 9

3. If I hyperlink to something, the text never shows up automatically underlined. Yes, I can assign a different color to the hyperlink so the user knows it's indeed a hyperlink. But it's easier and probably a best practice to assume that if something is hyperlinked, it's going to be underlined AND a different color. To resolve this, I have to edit in HTML mode and put in all the appropriate underline tags. 
Annoying level: 9

4. As mentioned in #2, the spacing issues are super annoying. Why when I select enter does the cursor not move down? Why does it remain in the same place? Why do I only know it's actually moved me to the correct spot until I start typing? Then, when I preview, I see all these extra spaces I put in because the cursor wasn't displaying my actions correctly in the first place so I have to delete all those spaces that sometimes don't look like they've deleted anything but they really have.  
Annoying level: 10

5. Once I publish my post, it should take me automatically to my homepage and NOT give me the option of Viewing Post or Viewing Blog. Who wants to view just their post? That's stupid. No one wants to do that. We all want to see the grand ol' picture. Should someone want to see their specific post, they can click on it from the full blog view.
Annoyance level: 7 

So Blogger, if you're listening, take these tiny yet crucial usability complaints into consideration. They would make Blogger work so much more wonderfully and smoothly. I don't want to hake you right now but I do. Please give me a reason not to hake you so much.


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misie said...

your dyslexia makes sense to me now.