Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Words_Crabby Patty Me

It's happening.

I always heard as a kid that as you grow older, you start to become more particular, possibly crabbier, saltier, grumpier. It seems to be a universal joke to poke fun at the elderly especially when you witness them barking orders about how to:
a) prepare a meal
b) drive
c) dress appropriately
d) live your life
e) all of the above

Perhaps now, the joke is on me. I'm finding that as I'm nearing my 29th year of living (gulp) I'm relating more and more to this approach than ever before. I find myself much more demanding and particular about how I live, how much quiet time I have, how comfortable I am in my own home. I am easily frustrated when people fail to see my point of view or don't do certain things the way I do, which I'm sure is somewhat of a natural reaction for many, but for me it can be a point of contention; unnecessary and poisonous.

The silver lining in all of this is that I feel I'm becoming more honest in my old age. I'm less on filling in conversations with forced pleasantries and more on cutting to the chase and getting to the bottom line. It just seems easier and more time-effective to ask and say exactly what I mean. This is not consistent of course. If you ask Robbey or anyone terribly close to me, they'll admit in a heartbeat that I need an emotional and verbal Heimlich on the daily. Instead of being honest with myself and therefore being honest with those close to me, I bury myself behind pride and selfishness. The only good thing about pride and selfishness is that it inevitably points to humility. (I also like that selfish has the word fish in it for some reason.)

Perhaps there is a happy medium in learning how to be gracefully honest while getting older and more particular and crabby(patty)er. I suppose it only makes sense to start with myself.


misie said...

If you put the two of us together we're a 98 year old person - you with your crabbiness and me with my napping and/or going to bed at 7:30. so this is what 29 feels like.

Kimi said...

hahahah maybe we should photograph ourselves then OPP!