Friday, May 7, 2010


I found out at work today that my occasional* visits to alakimi will sadly be no more as my community college employer has officially blocked blogger. Yes, you heard that right. Blocked. Blogger. Which leads me to my next question: Who blocks blogger? Is visiting so technically and socially corrupt that it now has been blacklisted over more significant social networking giants like Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, zoomba, beebo, and sharkfaceme? (Last three I just made up and any association they may have with social networking is purely coincidental.) It would be like going to McDonald's and not being able to order the McNuggets--not the most popular menu item but still a Micky D staple that brings abounding joy to customers of all ages. (Namely me, with honey.) (Actually these days I usually get the happy meal--hello kitty watches forever--or snack wraps with fries. The last time I had McNuggets was...well, I can't remember.) (P.S. I'm hungry now.)
I'm sure there must be a better explanation for this. They (the college) actually can't block Facebook because faculty use it at times for instruction. Scratch that; faculty use it at times for "instruction." Let's face it. We all know those faculty members are checking their Facebook throughout the day...planting some needed turnips, thumbs-upping a page about education, and pondering what "poking" really is. The college probably doesn't bother to block MySpace because it's only used now by the five of us who still like their background design...what can I say, I like robots. Anyway, I suppose this may be a "good" thing as my attentions can now be focused 10% more on things like my work. But oh, 10%, I will miss you, dearly. And I will never forget you or what we had together. And one day, when I get that job promotion because of that 10% rerouted energy, I'll look back on what was sacrificed and I'll pause to remember our good times together. And then I'll walk straight into that crazy institution without struggling, just this once, and I'll say: "They were right all along." And I'll begrudgingly look down at my phone and plant a few rows of tomatoes.

*very frequent

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