Saturday, May 1, 2010

Words_G.E.L. 2010 Recap

Two years ago I attended GEL for the first time. I really had no idea what to expect. I knew my boss and my boss's boss were advocates of it (they attended the first one in 2004) and that it was a bit unconventional than most work conferences where nine times out of ten you find yourself nodding off to an assortment of blase Powerpoint presentation.

At the heart of GEL, Mark Hurst, the founder/director, creates mini experiences for the attendees that add up to the theme of the conference. These mini experiences are direct, live experiences where the attendees are forced to interact with one another, sometimes working specifically in groups or independently, but within a group setting. And then the other side of the mini experience is presentation after presentation by progressive, innovative entrepreneurs, young and old, in markets from religion to fast food restaurants, who have created for themselves and for an audience a really unique and creative experience.

This GEL 2010 conference was really dynamic, at times moving, wholly inspiring, enormously educational, and refreshingly eye opening. I had a great time meeting new people (Russian this time instead of Norwegian), playing Werewolf with Improv Everywhere, making crafts with Noah Scalin, witnessing the amazing talent of Ysaye Barnwell from Sweet Honey in the Rock, drinking courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery, visiting offices, and hearing about how people are changing our culture and technology through practicality, creativity, and hard work.

So, without further ado, here are all the speakers and their Web sites. Please check them out!

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