Monday, May 16, 2011

Words_(Humble)Brag of the Day

People on Twitter might call this a "Humblebrag."
I'm calling it a "brag" because I like to be honest about all of my amazing accomplishments.

We all know I have blogged about GEL about a thousand (3-4) times in the last month.

One of you is nodding her head in agreement (thanks Misie).
Five of you are just nodding off.
Three of you are wondering how you got to this page by googling "Kim Jong Il."
And the majority of you can't actually read because you're under the age of 3 and arrived here by chance because Mommy forgot to close her laptop.

All this to say that my recent posts surrounding GEL and NYC and hating pretty talented people and realizing just how how dumb I really am has finally paid off.

The creator/MC/host behind GEL, Mark Hurst, read my GEL recap and well, let's just say, he and my post are going steady now. OK, not true. But he did like it and posted it to his Twitter and also to his GEL recap page. So, I'm pretty famous now. So famous that if you go to his recap page, you'll notice I'm listed as "Kimi." Just "Kimi." I don't need a last name. That's the kind of status I'm reppin' these days.

Oh, Madonna? Cher? Move a little to the left, please; you're in my light,'s that? You want me to get you a medium 2-pump vanilla 183-degree no foam latte double-cupped? Right away!


Mary said...

Oh MAN. I wish I had commented on that GEL recap page (which I did read and enjoy, but couldn't find anything awesome enough to say), because then I would have been a part of this BEFORE you were famous - and isn't that the hipster battle cry? Not that I'm a hipster. My husband says that's because I'm too cool, but I don't think I'm cool enough.

Kimi said...

Mary, you are so hip that I'd give my hip to be Mary-hip. (What?) LUNCH SOON! And thanks for your kind words always.

Food & The Fury said...


misie said...

i think when i was nodding my head, i too fell asleep, or went cross-eyed and maybe even drooled a little. don't you have anything else to talk about? "misie when i was at gel... - at gel everyone had iphones [wow] you like my bag - it's from gel...this is my gel picture - i saw this garden once in NYC [at gel] and it was awweeesome - gel gel gel....enough already!

j/k - GEL 2011 ROCKS!

Kimi said...

@katie - thanks!
@mac - HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! nailed it!