Sunday, January 2, 2011

Words & Photos_The Best of 2010

Oh yes, it seems like yesterday I was wearing neon pink star-shaped glasses, counting down to the start of 2010 in the company of mostly strangers--but with Robbey, most importantly--in a midtown New York City apartment. Since then, time has truly eluded me, and my memories of 2010 are broken into thousands of tiny pieces that will never fully converge again. Some have attached easily to others, creating a seamless colorful narrative and it's obvious they were kept in a convenient place like here in my blog or in a vault of epic stories that demanded retelling; others have flown solo perhaps for an indefinite amount of time or have since attached to a cluster of someone else's detailed memory. What I've documented below are the unbreakable memories that will resonate with me for a long time. The best of the best. The heroes of 2010.

Five: Harry Potter Band Wagon
I confess. I was tardy for the Harry Potter party (by eight years). I'm not sure how I managed to get through all the books within a year and a half without accidentally (or purposely) discovering the fate of the characters (aside from Dumbledore). I will be deeply disappointed when Harry, Hermione, and Ron take their final bow come summer when the last movie is released. Author J.K. Rowling is hands down one of the best writers of the century. I will sincerely miss the wizarding world and the amazing adventures that started at number 4, Privet Drive.

Four: O.C. 2010
Spontaneity is served best with 100% commitment and a considerable dose of optimism--especially in the presence of unknowns, which makes some of the most spontaneous moments some of life's best memories. Like planning a weekend at the beach with your friends on a whim and returning with some of the funniest, most random, and unlikely of memories. It probably helps to have a friend like Mandy who is one of the funniest people I know and Hendrix who is always tuned to "adventure mode" and Mahaffey who just loves to hang and have a good time. The great weather, the outdoor bar (with amazing happy hour prices), the Sponge Bob ice cream bars, and the heart-to-hearts that ensued in a 48-hour period, probably helped a lot, too. All in all, I think we made a pretty good vacation team.

Three: Boston 2010
I recently visited Mandy in Boston (I love Beantown!) had such a fun few days stomping around the city, adding to my growing collection of Mandy-isms, gobbling up Marc Jacobs, having my picture taken with Santy Claus at the Logan airport, eating until I passed out and when revived eating some more, asking her to be my maid of honor, and finally, both of us scaring each other in the dark at 2 in the morning which resulted in a blood curling scream from yours truly and hearing Mandy laugh like a drunk Sponge Bob for a half hour.

Two: My 29th Birthday

One: November 11, 2010
Of course this is the day Robbey asked me to be his wife (gasp!), his partner (what?!), his other (huh?!)... forever (sucker!). The idea of forever makes my brain feel like applesauce which is the same reaction when I think of being without Robbe. I just can't wrap my brain around the concept. I feel blessed yet equally terrified that God wants me to 1. experience marriage 2. experience marriage in a way that excavates the darkest parts of my heart yet refines and pushes my heart to love and forgive beyond my human understanding 3. experience marriage in a way that reflects the Bible, which is an account from beginning to end of God's overwhelming love for you and me, no matter who you are or what you've done. I suppose the first step in this marriage business is already knowing I'm going to fail miserably as a wife. I already have and I haven't even started. But it's not me who is going to make my marriage work. If it was just me relying on my own love, charm, and patience (ha!), I guarantee Robbe and I would file for divorce after year one. What I do know is that without knowing and accepting and seeking God's perfect example of love--Jesus--I won't be able to love Robbe fully. I honestly don't even know what "fully" means but I know it's not within my own strength. There is an incredible story ahead of us with the largest and smallest of stones in our path. It'll be up to us to decide to lift them ourselves or admit we're not strong enough to begin with and instead seek the endlessly faithful help of the one who is.

Au revoir 2010! Let the 2011 games begin.

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