Monday, February 22, 2010

Words_Things I Learned This Weekend

Re: Shows
No matter where I stand at a show, the tallest person(s) in the room will come and stand right in front of me.

Re: Country music
It's alive and well in Harrisburg, PA. Yeeha ya'll!

I think I'm okay that 1. I don't live there and 2. I probably never will

Re: Boys' Morning Appetites
I never knew boys were so boring about their breakfast omelettes! Robbey bought mushrooms, onions, cheese, tomato, avocado, and shrimp. And what did we end up cooking for four other boys?
1. "Just cheese" (not acceptable)
2. "Turkey and cheese" (not acceptable)
3. "Mushrooms, onions, and cheese" (acceptable)
4. "Whatever" (acceptable)

Re: El Rodeo Restaurant in Harrisburg, PA
A pitcher of margaritas + "Mariachi" chanting and trying to sing a song you don't know with someone else = Muy caliente!

Re: Poker
My mind can only take about a half hour's worth of play and then I go all in on a Queen/Five because I just can't think anymore.

Re: Darts
If you don't want your wall punctured, don't ask me to play darts.

Re: Robbey
1. I am not sure I know another boy with so many close friends
2. He is the most consistent person I know; the same to everyone no matter who they are
3. He is quick to forgive and to love

Re: Me
1. I am overly critical of people
2. I like to think my way is the best way and therefore do #1
3. In reality, I have no idea what's going on and therefore should not take part in #1 or #2

Re: Drives to and from PA
Generally, they aren't bad; in this past Sunday's case, they can be largely therapeutic and grounds for needed introspection. Also, drinking four beers before I left could have had something to do with it. That was a joke. And I'm now coining the phrase: "Totes ma-jokes."


misie said...

i was just talking about tall people at shows yesterday. jerks.

misie said...

you're a riot with your idol play by play on twitter. i have no words.

Kimi said...

what's probably the most lame is that I was twittering while I was watching it DVRed; not when it was actually live, hahahahahaha!!! And now my dad's all into it (what?!); SO funny. But he doesn't remember anyone's names, he just says: "the last guy" or "the girl with the big lips" (wow, mom, wow). Claaassic Lt. Dan. :-)