Monday, February 1, 2010

Listen_Farewell Freeness

What They're Saying

I'm going to seriously whore them out in Boston, KY jelly required- jk/ gross!!! //Mandy

I will try my best to do some if not all of the following to support yo man! //Erin

1. You are a great girlfriend.
2. Where do I click to listen? j/k.
3. When can we meet to pray?
// Erin A.

You're awesome. Thanks for thinking of me. And now to send out those notices...

I'd be happy to support them and pass on this info to others.

Done. excited to hear this. hopefully my five friends will be too. (uh, i have more than five friends, i mean, whatever, who are you to judge me?) //Jeff W.

I got Robbe's Farewell Flight CD and I loooooovvvveee it! Can I please come with you to their next concert and be a little groupie?! hehe //Abby

so I listened to the samples as an "owe-it-to-friend-favor" and LOVED it! Just emailed my 5 friends, and I am anxiously awaiting my free download : ) //Jami

"Love these guys as do my five friends!  Do they want to do a concert in Nebraska any time soon?:)  I didn't know you were dating a musician.  I would like that, I think.  I pretend Josh is a rock start sometimes for fun:)" //Andi 

I think I'm falling for them. :) //Stephanie A.

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