Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words_The Waiting Room

A thousand times
The same words, the same cry
The same chair that understands
Every curve in my spine

Every day the scale shifts
Deeper into my own hands
Relieving nothing and forgetting everything
That weighs immeasurably more
Than the hope that my stepping left or stepping right 
Changes anything at all

A hundred times I thought of you
Alone and heavy yet weightless and floating
In my dreams we were free
Unfolding like the heavens and the earth
And the endlessness of stars

Yet here in this room
In the strongest of silence
Where hope beats against the heart
And loss is shouldered in surrender
Broken words are made new
Light is traded for darkness

The voices I yearn for
To lead and to save
Drown out my cry
In a wild harmony
That rewrites my words
That rescues my fall
As the room becomes smaller
And their song beckons me to come in.


Katie said...

What is this Kimi?! I likey.

Kimi said...

Thanks friend, it's a work in progress so it'll probably morph a few more times. :-)

Katie said...

YOU wrote this?! Shut up. My world has been rocked. love.

Kimi said...

aw you shut up! so nice, thanks! :-)