Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photos_Farm Show 2010

On January 16 Robbe and I took on PA's annual farm show where we befriended a colorful cast of sheep, chicken, bunnies, and ducks. We made a generous stop at the wine sampling table, saw some sheep get molested and paraded around a dirt floor poop mine, and watched baby ducks walk an elevated plank thinking they were getting a quick bite to eat but instead took an ill-fated plunge into the water below. Here is our great adventure (cue Steven Curtis Chapman)...

"The Towering Cow"
If I would have seen someone start to bow down and worship it, I was so outta there!

Robbey and the most photogenic lamb ever

"Afro Sheep"
I thought he was rocking "the Daryl" from The Office

"The Runners"
Warming up before the marathon

I was appalled he even decided to show up

"The Slackers"
I think they lit up one too many today

"Romeo and Juliet"
Forbidden lovers

"Lady Gaga"

"Walking the plank"
...and then plunging into the water! So sad!

"Quick nap"

"1st Korean Winner in Hay-Bailing Contest"

"Hanging Tough"
We actually photoshopped the tractor in; the original photo shows Robbe holding onto a cabinet door handle

"Swine Who?"
An odd poster in a farm display

"Tires and tires and tires, oh my!"
Big tires, no big deal

"Going Home"
We've been officially farm showed and it feels good.
And smelly.

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Suzanne said...

You're so funny! I love your comments for each photo. Made my day!