Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Words_And I'm Back!

Thank goodness for new days, people.

Since my last post, I've willingly launched myself from the stressful marriage fiasco train and decided that all my rants and raves are something you might equate to #engagedpeopleproblems. It all really does sound absurd--like a rich person complaining about not having anything smaller than one hundred dollar bills in his wallet (I'm pretty sure that's a Jack Handey quote)--except I'm complaining about how stressed I am about purchasing probably the most beautiful dress I'll ever wear in my life or what kind of amazing dessert we'll have the luxury of sharing with our closest friends and family. Tough life. Honestly, I have more than enough to plan a wedding, I have incredible support in every since of the word, and I just needed to take a deep breath and remove mi cabeza from mi culo (look it up). (And God actually helped me do that last thing.) That's all. And yes--cue cheesy music--what matters in all of this is the person I'm marrying (what's his name again?) and the amazing people I get to share it with (seriously, nothing less than amazing, don't disappoint me). So for now, I'm holding onto my normal stick and doing things that I know best like:

  • plucking out strand gray hairs from my scalp
  • squeezing my belly fat
  • having conversations with inanimate objects
  • tweeting about having conversations with inanimate objects
Obviously, I'm poised and ready for marriage.

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