Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, 2011, it's been quite a year. You delivered:

  • an earthquake
  • a hurricane
  • the season finale of FNL
  • one of my best friend's weddings
  • a 30th birthdaycation (during said earthquake and hurricane)
  • the O's ousting the Red Sox from the playoffs
  • an always memorable trip to NYC
  • Bon Iver, Jay-Z and Kanye in concerto
  • the Ravens beating the Steelers not once but twice
  • me nearly losing my mind at work
  • the amazing Breaking Bad series
This time last year I was location-shopping for wedding venues. Presently, I've nailed down the who, what, where, and why but still need to make decisions about: wear, how, and how, wear. 

The concept of marriage is still sinking in. I'm not sure how long it takes to really settle into your psyche but I can only imagine it's in a moment of realistic disenchantment when you realize that the person you love farts unintentionally on you while sleeping (and vice versa) or snores so loudly it deprives you of sleep (purely hypothetical, I promise I'm not implicating Robbe). And the unintentional (or maybe intentional) farting and snoring is well, forever. Forrreverrrrrrrrrr (source: Sandlot). It's a daunting feeling when I really think about marriage as an isolated concept without the emotional attachment of a spouse. It changes every single thing about your life and you have to learn to function as a unit instead of independently whether you like it or not. Sure you can still be independent, but for the most part, you are half of a greater whole. It's an amazing responsibility and I'm not sure people realize what a deep commitment it is to say to someone, no matter what happens, I'm still going to stand by you and love you even after the honeymoon phase is over and we're poor and tired and fat and balding and the cute jokes that once worked don't work anymore. And then throw kids into the picture? Commitment just got real. I'm not trying to depress the idea of marriage. Again, the idea of marriage void of Robbe is overwhelming to me. But the idea of marriage with Robbe is exciting and humbling; a little overwhelming but manageable because I have my best friend and love at my side. 

Halfway into 2012, I'll become Mrs. Reddinger. I think I've had a pretty good run as Kimi Raspa. I've done mostly average things but not short of a few exciting things sprinkled here and there. I think one of the things I've cherished in all of this time is the friendships I've made and the depth they've yielded throughout the last 10-15 years. I look forward to all the friendships Robbe and I will forge together in the next few months of life, mixing old with the new. 

Happy early 2012 and Auld Lang Syne. 


Peyton Roberts said...

Love this one :)

Sydney McFearless said...

I really love the way that you talk about marriage. I really love that you really love your partner, but that you are also realistic about the commitment behind marriage. I think your willingness to embrace the mundane is going to mean that you experience a lot more magic in your life than many people who are only willing to accept the magic. I can't wait for you guys to be married! Even though I never hang out with you. Lol.