Monday, July 25, 2011

Words & Photos_What I Made This Week

Birthday Royalty
Last Wednesday was Misie's 30th birthday. (Hip hip hooray! Repeat 30 times. No more, no less.) So it only seemed appropriate to make her a crown of celebration. Any fans of 13 Going on 30?

I feel like birthday crowns are coming back strong. And by 'coming back strong' I mean, 'just starting to get popular.' And by 'just starting to get popular', I mean 'I want them to start getting popular.' They're such fun gifts that allow you to get as creative as you want with them. They're great for people of all ages and they're pretty easy to make. (Tools: poster board, markers, scissors, X-acto knife)

So many more crowns to come...

P.S. Note in the photo below that she looks no older than 18.

Step 1: Sketch out words

Step 2: Color it in (why do I sound like I'm instructing a project for a 5 year old)

Step 3: Cut out white space to your liking

Step 4: Adorn the birthday girl with her crown of glory

About to Get Lawyered
My dear friend Mandy is taking the bar To. Mor. Row. And the next day. Annnd the next day. (Cue funeral music.) So it only made sense that a crate of encouragement was in order. For your crafters, I bought the crate at Michaels ($4) which is a great way to package an assortment of gifts and personalize, too, as seen below. Disregard the inside jokes for now (Lungoo/Jungoo, boss references, etc). 

Every anxiety-induced, over achiever law student needs a little something to keep them going...
Like a paper string of flamingos, a water gun to substitute as a real gun, a notebook for cheating, and the beloved Starbucks gift card.

And 5 hour energy, duh.
Peanuts mug featuring Lucy, duh.

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Peyton Roberts said...

Hahaha - I love this Kimi! Go Mandy go!!