Monday, July 11, 2011

Photos & Words_Channeling Your Inner Fieryonce

So. You know when you make a shopping list like:

work clothes
large envelopes
wrapper paper (bridal shower)
summer shoes
birthday card

And then you narrow it down to what you absolutely most positively need like:


And then you check your watch, throw on some comfy clothes that you can easily get in and out of ("boinggg" said every man's ding dong), and most importantly, slip into a pair of flip flops to allow easy outfit transitions without the burden of high maintenance strappy or shoe-laced shoes. And then you get to the store and try try try to focus on work clothes, work clothes, work clothes, but all you can see is cute shoes, cute shirt, cute-anything-but-work-clothes. And then you spend hours sorting through outfits and shoes that have nothing to do with work and then...well...this happens:

I luh-huv these shoes (TJMAXX, $25). That's a hyphenated nonsense word. Sound it out though. I think I'll only last in them for no more than 30 minutes but wow, that's going to be some 30 minutes.

Annnnd this:

These don't look that exciting here, I know. But I think they're a fairly practical buy. Not too wild. A bit clunky. But will go great with a flowy skirt or skinny jeans. I'm officially excited. Thank you, Franco Sarto (Marshalls, $32).

And well, these...
Clearance. Guess. That's the brand not a command. But did you guess anyway? How about $15? Because that's how much they were. They are my fieryonce shoes. That's fierce and Beyonce put together. They look great on, however it's a bit hard to walk in them and look like a normal person. They're unsteady due to that mini-stake of a heel and there's no strap to anchor me down to give me a good stride. Therefore, I resign myself to walking like a fancy cowgirl. A fancy cowgirl who loves sitting down and not walking around for any more than 10.5 minutes. I just reconciled with myself that I'll probably embarrass myself pretty good in these shoes. That baby heel will either snap off or get caught on a stray trash bag floating by. And yes, I'll go down like a chimney. But at least my feet will look fieryonce.

And that's the story of how I went shopping for work clothes and returned home with shoes instead. Don't worry; I cried, too. 


misie said...

i don't want to assume but here it goes - i'm so glad you bought THREE pairs of shoes and now my birthday card is going to be illegible handwriting on a receipt found in the bottom of your purse - that last $15 exceeded your $1.79 b'day card budget. I guess you can make it up to me by letting me borrow a pair of shoes. eff.

Food & The Fury said...

Tears of joy you mean. Here's my theory, if you have great shoes, people assume your clothes look great too. I am only 50% joking. Cuz it's true. Go forth and conquer, fieryonce!

Kimi said...

Misie, I would NEVER write a birthday note to you on a receipt, Lord have mercy! I actually just "borrowed" some Hallmark envelopes and will be scripting heartfelt birthday wishes there. ;) And you can borrow shoes anytime!

Katie - I, in theory, agree with that theory :)