Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words_Homonym Hoedown

Someone find me a word that has more meanings than the word "hit."
Granted, some of these stem from cultural slang, but it is impressive, no?

"He hit one over the fence!" (Baseball)

"He hit me in the face!" (Assault)

"Hit me!" (Black Jack)

"Her song is a hit!" (Success)

"Lemme get a hit." (Drugs)

"Here's my hit list." (Assassination)

"Hit me up!" (Contact me)

"I want to hit that." (Sex)

"Hit it!" (Start the music)

"Let's hit up that spot." (I want to go to there.)

"Hit-ler." (Oh wait..)


cara.p said...

so impressive!

Farewell Flight said...


"You rock!" (You're cool)
"Let's play a rock song." (Music)
"Don't rock the boat" (Moving motion)
"A rock was thrown through my window (An actual rock)
"Do the Rockaway." (Not really)


Kimi said...

NICE! :)
Here's another one:

"I'm gonna rock this hat tonight." (wear)

Kimi said...

Another one:
"We will rock you" (domination)

Kimi said...

I keep thinking of more!
"Look at that rock on her finger!" (jewelry)

"He's my rock" (support)

Kimi said...

And "don't rock the boat" is a two-fer because it's both literal and figurative!!!

Kimi said...

"I'd like this on the rocks." (ice)

"Their relationship is on the rocks." (not good)

I think this just surpassed "Hit."

Wow, I'm both a loser and sincerely impressed right now!

Food & The Fury said...

yeah but it didn't have a hitler there you go