Sunday, December 19, 2010

Words & Photos_Ba-ba-ba-ba-Bridesmaids!

In the beginning stages of wedding planning, any wedding planner or wedding planning guide will tell you the most important things to pin down at the start are: the venue, the budget, and the caterer. A logical progression, of course. So, it only made sense that I took a slight detour on this agenda and decided to start with what I thought was an important question: How am I going to tell my bridesmaids they're in my wedding?

It seemed too easy for me to just call up my bridesmaids and deliver the news. I wanted to give them something that was personal to each of them and something they could keep that was more fun than valuable. So, I decided to dig into the past and resurrect those personalized bracelets I (we?) used to wear as a kid.

This is the magic that ensued for my seven bridesmaids: Mandy, Shleigh, Misie, Stephmon, Katie, Raych Arles & Lars

Every bracelet was hand delivered in the same jewelry box (yes, I asked for it back after I gave it to them) except for Ashleigh who opened hers in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was so precious to see/hear their expressions of confusion then understanding then surprise then happiness. I highly suggest any bride-to-be to create their own element of bridesmaid surprise.


Mary said...

Great idea! I definitely emailed a bridesmaid... and asked one by saying, "You're going to be in my wedding, right?"... Not much fanfare. I think there were even one or two I didn't even ask, I just started talking to them about things bridesmaids should know. Sigh.

Peyton Roberts said...

Just getting caught up on your blog and I love this post. I wrote my bridesmaids a fancy hand-written, personal two-page letter telling them why they were important to me and why I wanted them in our wedding. Kind of cheesy, yes, but I also wanted it to be more than a phone call :) Love the bracelets!