Friday, April 23, 2010

Words_Stay the Colors

Close enough to bend and breathe
Each color taunts me, knows me, sees me
Receding in and out, the light
leaves me bathed in golden dreams
Enveloped in a well of white
I see the end fade into black
Too soon, too soon
See flecks of red, that warm
and dance to notes of blue
That pulse into a raging fire
consuming all I've known to ash
Out of the well comes blue, comes green
I see the end and turn into
Just close enough to bend and breathe
I plunge into colors unknown


Diane. said...

this made me sigh.

Kimi said...

aw, why thank you lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

I felt like this was a description of me walking home last night after 5 glasses of sangria - it was DEFINITELY hard to breath, no joke....

am I ruining your pages one at a time?? so glad this is anonymous....