Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I embark to NYC to attend G.E.L. for a much needed creative punch in the face.

Don't let me down, G.E.L. 
How could it? Here are the speakers and agenda.

Excited to see
Charlie Todd from Improv Everywhere in action. I hope he doesn't make me go pantless.

I may return
Completely overwhelmed with inspiration while bursting with jealousy over every creative business owner.

Hoping to befriend
Some foreign allies as I did two years ago. Where my Norwegians at? (See photo below)

Post-conference I'm hoping to
Go to S'Macs this time when it doesn't close at 4 p.m. because of a holiday (NYE).

Please don't tell
Robbe that I'm going there

He might
Kill me*

Here I come!

Synve & Live, my Norwegian beauties from GEL 2008

*Probably just make me feel guilty

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