Sunday, December 20, 2009

Words_The Inevitable End_"Team Allison"

As 2009 comes to a close, I can't help but be annoyingly cliche and reflect upon the year's pluses and minuses.
Altogether, this year has been quiet and humbling; life-changing and exciting; hopeful and promising. I thought I'd share a few standout moments throughout the week; some highs and some lows. In no particular order...

Team Allison

This past spring, I lost a roommate Cortney (to marriage) and gained another roommate Allison (single). Her addition to our house was initially a bit embarrassing for me as she was once one of my kids in youth group for a summer as a high school summer intern. Translation: I'm old; she's young; and we're living under the same roof. This shows how much I've progressed in life, you see. But after a month or so of living with her, all of this self consciousness waned away as I began to observe and appreciate her living habits under our roof. It started with the little things like the way she prepared her meals with such unassuming thoughtfulness: a single sweet potato thrown in the oven; a miniature crock pot of seasoned chicken. She never flushed the toilet past 9 p.m. She got up early every morning to do her devotions with a fresh cup of coffee made from her french press. In warm weather, she either walked to work or rode her bike. She always wore bright complementary colors, sometimes with intricate patterns and polka dots. And for Christmas she made her own rubber stamp to create her own Christmas cards. She is the dearest and sweetest girl, and I'm so glad she has become a part of our home and is now a part of home to me.

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