Sunday, December 6, 2009

Words_Starting Somewhere

Communication is underrated. Why can't we say what we need and want to say? Why is it so difficult to express exactly how we feel? Wouldn't it be helpful if life could be experienced a la the book The Giver, where memories and feelings could be transferred by touch? Would we abuse this privilege? Would it diminish verbal communication?

The thing though is that communication sucks sometimes... a lot. But ultimately, I think it's meant to make a deeper connection--sometimes good and sometimes bad--but without it, you don't get anywhere. It's a necessity for survival, for depth, for intimacy. I wish I was more forthright with my feelings but too often I'm too prideful trying to protect myself than admitting sadness, vulnerability, and hurt. Most of the time, the root of my poor communication is simply hurt and I have to practice saying to myself: "My feelings are hurt," and know that that's okay.

I hope to get better at communicating. I feel so fulfilled after having a long conversation with my best friend; or delving into a perhaps messy topic with Robbe but ultimately it bringing us closer together.

This life is too short to keep our mouths shut. I hope I can say what needs to be said when it should be said and that hurt feelings don't prevent needed growth between friends and lovers.

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