Thursday, August 18, 2011

Words_Here and Now

This Friday, my oldest niece turns eight. I asked my sister-in-law (her mom) for some birthday gift ideas. After some thought, she replied: "Gift cards." Yes, gift cards. For an eight-year-old. What happened to jelly shoes, slap bracelets and Jem and the Hologram trading cards?

Next week, I (finally!) take a five-day vacation with some of my oldest, dearest friends. We have miraculously coordinated an unprecedented group vacation to commemorate each of us turning 30 by the end of the year. How funny to think I'll be in a house surrounded by people who have been in my life as far back as 17 years. My, how we've grown!

I wish I was getting married tomorrow. Instead, I'm getting married in less than ten months. That is hardly tomorrow.

Starting over is a delicate wound that heals slowly with constant attention and care. My mom and I have started over after many years apart. She is love and forgiveness. I am unworthy but I am free.

I am Jo March. Writing is all I really know how to do. My ridiculous and at times nonsensical semi-humorous stories are her mystery vampires and 'The Sinners Corpse'. I am searching, praying, understanding, hoping for opportunities to grow and truly write from the soul.

Life is but a breath. And I hope to reflect on these times as stepping stones to something much more meaningful and transforming. I want to be OK with living lightly and modestly, I want to learn how to truly give and then give some more; I want to be more concerned with other people and their needs than with myself; I want to share the amazing things God does in my life without feeling stifled; I want to live as if I'm just here, passing by.


misie said...

or as Robbe so graciously puts it, "think like a dude."

Wendy said...

Bless your precious little heart. I love you Kimi! You make me laugh outloud and even pee a little. Your transparency is so beautiful and I secretly want to be you when I grow up.

Love your plus-sized admirer from Bel Air who you inspired to pierce her nose and who secretly envies your tiny exotic asian-ness,


Peyton Roberts said...

Pretty sure I got a pogo stick for my 8th birthday. Gift cards... pscha!