Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photos_Walk/5K Run for Life Recap

On Saturday, over 400 people participated in the Bowie, Crofton & Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic's Walk/5K Run For Life. The day was unbelievably gorgeous. I kind of look like a man in the photo below but at least I look like a determined man (p.s. thanks to Lt. Dan--who is actually a man--for this photo-op). Seriously though, I am truly, truly touched by everyone who supported me and the pregnancy clinic. I know we're all in various financial spots so I was overwhelmed with people's generosity to say the least. Relaying this to Robbe, he gave me some good advice: "Just don't do this again for a long time."

Yes, I actually yelled this out while crossing the finish line. Just kidding, but I should have.

My fellow running amigos: Lizi, Jessi, Erin and Misie.

 This is what happens when you give your dad your camera.

 Front of shirt; slogan by Amanda Eden

Thank You

All my sponsors who didn't make it on my t-shirt made it onto my wrist

Advertising our coconut water sponsors


misie said...

good recap. remind me to never let anyone take photos of me again. especially wearing a t-shirt 4 sizes too big - not flattering.

Anonymous said...

nice yams you!

Sydney McFearless said...

great work! robbe's advice sounds like something michael would say to me!!

Pamela Palumbo said...

Kimi, You did so awesome! 212 registered Runners and Walkers, (with an additional 200+ support folks for sure) raised a total of $26,660! (Severna Park alone, Bowie is this coming week!)
So thankful for this support which makes it possible for us to be here. Twenty three women already on the schedule this week for counseling and ultrasounds, including one coming in specifically to discuss adoption instead of abortion. Big thanks to you and all your sponsors for truly making it possible for women to have a choice and life affirming care & support. Still time for any one to join in the Walk & 5K Run for Life in Bowie this week. 8am registration, 9am start around the lake.

Laura said...

What a wonderful cause! You look beautiful Kimi! I miss you girls!! xo