Monday, June 21, 2010

Words_Grateful is as Grateful Does

It's been a little while since I've written here which I attribute to part busy-ness, part laziness, and part blah-ness. Put all of those together and you get me: a perpetual cycle of short-term consistency and long-term neglect. One day in the future I hope to be wholly consistent and committed, but for now, I'm inevitably sliced all different ways.

June is flying by and since its start I feel like I've blazed a trail of mini-adventures with friends, old and new. I've assumed high school behavior which includes knocking on stranger's hotel doors (say hello to human trafficking). I joined a Bible Study which, to my great surprise, I think I'm slowly falling in love with. I've witnessed one of my best friend's lives completely change with a new permanent responsibility: a baby girl. I reached out to a young girl who so sweetly and unexpectedly reached out to me; what's to come of this I'm unsure and honestly cautious, but I'm looking forward to the next step. I felt the aching relief of my Robbe's hard work over the last five years finally, finally, finally come to fruition. Believe me, there is more to be said about this, but I want to wait until he and band mates have signed on the dotted line.

All in all, people are moving in and out and around me while I am generally the same. And as much as that makes me exhale the most frustrating of exhales, I do feel blessed to be a part of those who are here for a day or weekend or month here and there. I'm more than grateful for my friends here that I don't see nearly enough (i.e. Misie), which is probably illegal or something. I know that I have so much that I don't see or appreciate and I hope this is a start to giving credit where credit's due.

So, I'm still lazy. I'm still busy. And I'm still here. But I'm grateful. Or at least learning to be.

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misie said...

whoop - got a mention! hollerrrrrr!!

I'm lazy too - I think I slept 20 hours last weekend. legendary! I'm slowly getting back into an insane exercise routine - maybe on Saturdays we can work out when you're around and then get iced coffee or jump in a fountain somewhere?